TVB arranges COVID-19 outreach vaccination for staff

(29 July 2021) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) today participated in the COVID-19 outreach vaccination service, responding to the Early Vaccination for All campaign launched by the HKSAR government. The Company exercises its corporate and social responsibilities, joining hands with Hong Kong citizens to fight the pandemic.

COVID-19 has raged across the globe since its outbreak more than one and a half years ago. Vaccination is currently the most effective means to minimise the threat of virus transmission. TVB, as a large media corporation, bears the responsibility to cooperate with the government’s anti-pandemic measures and to establish common goals in resuming normal lives and building herd immunity gradually. In this regard, with the assistance provided by the Civil Service Bureau, the Company arranged an outreach vaccination at TVB City and about 280 unvaccinated staff successfully received their first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. 

Mr. Patrick Nip, Secretary for the Civil Service, and Dr. Thomas Tsang, Advisory Panel on COVID-19 Vaccines member, visited TVB City today with the presence of Mr. Thomas Hui, TVB Chairman, Mr. Eric Tsang, Deputy General Manager (Non-drama, Music Production & Programme), Ms. Virginia Lok, Assistant General Manager (Talent Management & Development) and Ms. Liza Wang at the venue to cheer for the staff and the outreach vaccination team as well as extending gratitude for their collective contribution in fighting against COVID-19. “With a view to build a healthier and safer workplace, TVB encourages its staff to fulfill their civic responsibilities to get vaccinated as soon as possible.” said Mr. Hui.

TVB is particularly grateful for the convenience offered by the Civil Service Bureau in making this outreach vaccination a smooth occurrence.


Photo 1: Mr. Patrick Nip, Secretary for the Civil Service (fifth right), visited TVB City today to view the outreach vaccination situation

Photo 2: Mr. Patrick Nip (first right) and Mr. Thomas Hui (second right) understanding the vaccination process

Photo 3: Mr. Eric Tsang, Deputy General Manager (Non-drama, Music Production & Programme) (left), attended to cheer for the colleagues and the outreach team

Photo 4: Artistes Ms. Rosita Kwok (left), Mr. Gary Tam (middle) and Mr. Ng Cheuk Hang (right) getting vaccinated at the Company

Photo 5: Artiste Ms. Ceci Mak getting vaccinated at the Company

Photo 6: Mr. Patrick Nip (first right) and Ms. Liza Wang (second left) concerning the post-vaccination condition of the artistes


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