TVB’s response to the High Court’s refusal of the interlocutory injunction application

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is disappointed with the High Court’s refusal of its interlocutory injunction application this morning.

Since the beginning of anti-extradition bill protest more than four months ago, TVB reporters and cameramen had been attacked on several occasions, camera lens spray-painted and news vehicles damaged. TVB therefore filed an application for an interlocutory injunction to restrain any person from unlawfully and willfully assaulting TVB news crew and damaging its properties.

TVB’s legal counsel said in Court that TVB as an employer has the obligation to protect its employees and properties. It is hoped that the Court would grant an interlocutory injunction. Justice Mimmie Chan said the last assault on a TVB cameraman occurred in early October. The judge considered harassment might not necessarily deteriorate and there was no incident of serious damage recently. She said that a protester had once apologised to the cameraman for interfering with his news reporting; and there were also calls on the internet for protesters not to harass the media.

The judge asked whether the High Court’s order to restrain the incitement of the use of violence via internet-based platform also covered TVB’s request.  TVB’s legal counsel did not agree and said the order only covered the netizens and did not apply to assailants at the scene.

With regard to the judge’s refusal of its application, TVB will closely monitor the situation and reserve all legal rights.

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8 February 2023
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