TVB forges strategic partnership with leading Chinese video streaming platform Youku to widen collaborations

(18 August 2020) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Youku, one of the three biggest streaming platforms in Chinese Mainland, to work more closely on distribution and production of dramas and variety shows, artistes,     e-commerce and streaming service. The new partnership will reinforce TVB as Hong Kong’s leading entertainment brand and further establish a pan-Guangdong entertainment platform with Hong Kong flavour.

Thomas Hui To, Chairman of TVB said, “Youku is an influential platform both in the Mainland and Chinese-language entertainment globally. Its professionalism and creativity in content development make it one of the role models in the industry. This partnership is the result of a long-term and fruitful collaboration between TVB and Youku on content distribution and   co-production. We have highly complementary strengths in content creation, nurturing artistes, market development and business model exploration. The aim of this strategic partnership is to establish jointly an efficient modular organisational structure that will provide TVB new energy for growth in content production and regional market development.”

The latest partnership with Youku is set to further boost IP development, content distribution and co-production opportunities for TVB. With a wealth of experience in artiste management, TVB will be able to enhance its business value through closer industry resource and market interaction in the Mainland. By combining TVB’s content and artiste resources with Youku’s platform resources, TVB aims to achieve a new breakthrough in e-commerce live-streaming and other business developments.

TVB is Hong Kong’s dominant broadcaster and a pioneer in Chinese-language entertainment. It has unparalleled experience in the industry through many years of nurturing its own production talents as well as IP and artiste management. The special Hong Kong flavour of TVB dramas embraces a fusion of tradition and modernity, which attracts a huge following of loyal fans in the Mainland.

There has been a resurgence of interest in Hong Kong flavour and TVB dramas in the Mainland. TVB will collaborate with major Mainland TV stations, video streaming and mobile platforms in boosting its content distribution and co-production.

TVB has enhanced its content quality substantially to connect with the Mainland market and its younger audience by making a succession of innovation and at the same time exploring the classic IP in its unparalleled film archive.

With an offering of 300 drama series totalling 6,000 episodes across all major Mainland streaming platforms including Youku, Tencent Video, iQIYI and iXIGUA, TVB reached a fan base of 400 million. TVB classics that span multiple genres such as martial arts, crime, finance, and medical, as well as the new releases such as Life After Death, Airport Strikers and Forensic Heroes IV gained huge popularity. For the first half of 2020, two TVB dramas, The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter and Brutally Young, retained spots among the top dozen titles scoring 8+ on Douban. Death By Zero also won viewership and praises in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

In 2018, TVB started day-and-date release of major drama series with Youku and significantly sped up access into the Mainland market. In the latest move, TVB and Youku announced a robust co-production pipeline for day-and-date release, starting with Big White Duel 2, Shadow Of Justice, The Unforgotten Day, Murder Diary and The Witness, across medical, crime, and comedy.

Earlier, TVB and Tencent Video co-produced Line Walker: The Prelude and grossed 100 million views within 14 hours after release and a total of 2.7 billion views on Tencent Video. Other successful co-productions including Heart And Greed, Deep In The Realm Of Conscience, and The Defected with Tencent; and Another Era, and Legal Mavericks with iQIYI, attracted an increasing number of active viewers and fans for Hong Kong drama series in Chinese Mainland.

TVB drama is also popular on major broadcasters and telco platforms. In 2018, Another Era landed in CCTV, marking a return of Hong Kong drama for the first time in 20 years. National broadcasters including Dragon TV, GDTV, Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, and Anhui TV carry a large number of classic and new TVB dramas over the years.

On the telco side, Migu under China Mobile packaged exclusive TVB series in 2019 to feature Justice Bao: The First Year, I Bet Your Pardon and My Life As Loan Shark in 85 episodes altogether, reaching a subscriber base of 33 million.


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