Internet is not land of the lawless. TVB welcomes police enforcement actions

(29 April 2020) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is pleased to learn that the police have arrested three people suspected of harassing and intimidating others online, including TVB advertisers. TVB hopes the police operation will continue to bring more offenders to justice.

A TVB spokesman said that the internet is not land of the lawless. We welcome vigorous police enforcement actions against cybercrime targeting media organisations and criminal incitement on the internet.

“Many people think that they can get away with anything by hiding behind the internet. But it actually depends on the determination of and the resources deployed by the government to combat the online crime. With modern technology, the perpetrators will have nowhere to hide from justice,” the spokesman said.

“Since the beginning of the social movement in June last year, protesters smeared TVB by making unfounded allegations of bias about our news reports. They incited others on the internet to obstruct TVB news reporting and damage our camera equipment, lodge complaints en masse to the Communications Authority (CA), threaten our clients to stop advertising on TVB and harass our artistes.”

“In view of the seriousness of the matter, TVB had reported to the police and reflected time and again to the government that lawful businesses were hard hit by cyberbullying. If allowed to persist, it would adversely affect the economy of Hong Kong.”

TVB urges all victims of online intimidation and harassment, individuals and companies, to come forward and report the matter to the police as soon as possible.

During the period, over 20,000 complaints alleging biased TVB news reports were received by the CA. All were found unsubstantiated after investigations.

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