Complaints about TVB news reports unsubstantiated

(1 December 2019) With regard to complaints about TVB news reports on the protests in June, a Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) spokesman issued the following statement:

The Communications Authority (CA) decided that the complaints on TVB news reports on 12 and 15 June this year on the protests were unsubstantiated.

The CA ruled that the TVB news reports were a factual account of confrontations and the responses from different parties encompassing a wide range of views of the related issues.

The CA’s findings is an attestation that our news are accurate, fair and impartial.

Since June, TVB has been providing round-the-clock live coverage of the civil unrest as well as violent clashes and is the most watched TV news channel. We always ensure strict compliance of the regulatory requirement throughout.

The complaints were irrational and malicious with the sole purpose of undermining freedom of the press.

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