TVB considers no breach of the Code

(21 March 2017) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) disagrees with the decision by the Communications Authority (CA) today on the TV programmes “TVB 49th Anniversary Light Switching Ceremony” and “Programme Presentation 2017”.

TVB has on numerous occasions complained about the inconsistent decisions by CA with regard to the interpretation of the TV Programme Code.

A TVB spokesman said, “Contrary to the CA’s perception, we consider no breach of any provision of the Code on our part. The brief mentioning of myTV SUPER, which is an integral part of TVB’s service, was contextually justifiable. No reasonable viewer would be confused to believe that he or she was watching a paid advertisement and not a TVB programme.

“The CA has failed to explain on how and why it deemed editorially unjustified to refer our OTT service and appearance of “myTV SUPER” logo in context of the mentioned programmes.”

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