CA decisions biased and unfair

(1 June 2018) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) does not agree to the decisions by the Communications Authority (CA) on the alleged breaches.

A TVB spokesman said the sanctions were biased and unfair.

Regarding the programme promos for “TVB 50th Anniversary Gala” and “TV Awards Presentation 2017”, the fleeting shots and glimpses of commercial names in the fast-cutting programme promos were brief, natural in the context and should be well within the bounds of general acceptability, the spokesman said.

“The mobile app Big Big Channel (BBC) is an online extension of our free TV service. It serves the public interest by providing wholly station-related entertainment and information. The exposure of BBC in our free TV programmes did not constitute advertising material. The CA’s perception of BBC as being an advertised product of an outside party was grossly incorrect,” the spokesman said.

“The decisions once again confirm the crux of the problem has always been the very subjective interpretation of the rules by the CA. The current review to relax the restrictions on indirect advertising and product placement will be futile if this problem is not resolved. It will not be conducive to providing more flexibility for TV stations to generate advertising revenue.”

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