Assistant General Manager (Talent Management and Development)

Virginia Lok Yee Ling

Assistant General Manager (Talent Management and Development)

Competencies and experience Miss Lok, aged 67, is currently Assistant General Manager (Talent Management and Development) of the Company. She first joined TVB in November 2003 as Assistant Controller (Talent), and was promoted to Deputy Controller (Production Resources) in May 2004 and Controller (Production Resources) in January 2008, and to her current position in July 2016. In addition, Miss Lok holds directorships in a number of subsidiaries, joint venture entities and associates of the Company. Miss Lok is responsible for overseeing the management and development of the Group's talents, including the career development, managing, recruiting, retaining training and promotion of artistes, which would ensure the smooth operation and continuous development of the talent team. Artiste supporting services department are also under Miss Lok’s management, including dance, stunt, dubbing and contest coordination, so as to fully support on TV production and programming.

Miss Lok has over 40 years of experience in film and TV entertainment industry. From 1978 to 1982, Miss Lok started to work as assistant director (Drama) in Commercial Television and Rediffusion Television Limited (“RTV”) and was promoted to director (Drama) in RTV. From 1983 to 1993, Miss Lok took up the positions of line producer and executive producer in sizable movie production companies, including Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited.

Miss Lok is currently executive director of Shaw Brothers Holdings Limited, which is listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange. She is also the executive committee member of Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association Limited and Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong Limited.

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19 July 2024
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