TVB Wins 15 Awards at Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 – National Winners (Hong Kong SAR)

(3 October 2023, Hong Kong) Television Broadcasts Limited (“TVB”) is delighted to announce its exceptional success at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 National Winners (Hong Kong SAR). With its consistent delivery of high-quality television entertainment, TVB once again shines in Asia by winning a total of 15 prestigious awards across various categories, including drama series, variety shows, news and information programmes, and original content on its streaming platform.

In the realm of drama, the supernatural comedy "Unchained Medley" earned the coveted title of "Best Comedy Programme." Ruco Chan and Rosina Lam received well-deserved recognition as "Best Actor in a Leading Role" and "Best Actress in a Leading Role" for their outstanding performances in "I’ve Got The Power" and "Speakers of Law", respectively. Adding to the triumph, Lam Tsz-sin and Tiffany Lau were honored as "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" and "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" respectively for their remarkable contributions to the drama series "The Invisibles."

In the world of variety shows, Jarvis Chow was bestowed with the esteemed accolade of "Best Entertainment Host" for his exceptional work in the "TV Awards Presentation 2022". Priscilla Wong's captivating presence in the travel programme "Across Borders" earned her the distinguished title of "Best Factual Presenter". Furthermore, the immensely popular variety show "Midlife, Sing & Shine!" secured the "Best Music or Dance Programme" award, while the reality show "Show You Where I Lived" was recognized as the "Best General Entertainment, Game or Quiz Programme". The programme "Hong Kong Super Pet Model Contest" triumphed as the "Best Non Scripted Entertainment", and the "Taste Of Satisfaction", showcasing a diverse range of classic Hong Kong cuisines, claimed the title of "Best Lifestyle Programme". Additionally, the title theme of "Taste Of Satisfaction" by Yusuke Hatano was honored as the "Best Theme Song or Title Theme".

In the realm of news and information, the highly acclaimed documentary series "No Poverty Land II – A Treasure Trove" was recognized as the "Best Documentary Series", while the thought-provoking single-episode documentary "News Magazine: Girl In Coffin?" captured the title of "Best Documentary Programme (one-off)".

Furthermore, TVB's streaming platform, myTV SUPER, received recognition for its original programme "Cross My Mind", winning the prestigious "Best Original Programme by a Streamer/OTT" award.

The National Winners of different nations/regions will compete with each other for the Grand Final Winner Awards, which will be announced in early December.

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, General Manager (Content Operations) of TVB said “TVB is immensely honored to have won 15 significant awards at the 2023 Asian Academy Creative Awards. This exceptional accomplishment once again validates the innovative perspectives and production quality of TVB, earning broad international recognition. In recent years, TVB has joined forces with excellent production teams from mainland China and overseas. This strong collaboration has garnered widespread praise over the past two years. Merging TVB's robust advantages with the professional knowledge of other production units has sparked a surge of creative energy. All these efforts have provided our audiences with an unparalleled entertainment experience.”

“At this moment, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all TVB production units. It is your hard work and selfless contributions that have enabled us to achieve such success. We will continue to strive forward, anticipating more honors on our future journey.” Eric Tsang added.

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023 – National Winners (Hong Kong SAR):





Unchained Medley

Best Comedy Programme

Ruco Chan (I’ve Got The Power)
陳展鵬 (超能使者)

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Rosina Lam (Speakers Of Law)
林夏薇 (法言人)

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Lam Tsz-sin (The Invisibles)
林子善 (隱形戰隊)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Tiffany Lau (The Invisibles)
劉穎鏇 (隱形戰隊)

Best Actress in a Supporting Rol

Variety Show

Jarvis Chow (TV Awards Presentation 2022)
周奕瑋 (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2022)

Best Entertainment Host

Priscilla Wong (Across Borders)
黃翠如 (遊走世界天與地)

Best Factual Presenter

Show You Where I Lived

Best General Entertainment, Game or Quiz Programme

Taste Of Satisfaction

Best Lifestyle Programme

Midlife, Sing & Shine!

Best Music or Dance Programme

Hong Kong Super Pet Model Contest

Best Non Scripted Entertainment

Taste Of Satisfaction by Yusuke Hatano
Taste Of Satisfaction by 波多野裕介
       (Title theme of Taste Of Satisfaction    滿足的味道主題音樂)

Best Theme Song or Title Theme

News and information

No Poverty Land II – A Treasure Trove
無窮之路 II – 無價之保

Best Documentary Series

News Magazine: Girl In Coffin?

Best Documentary Programme     (one-off)


Cross My Mind

Best Original Programme by a Streamer/OTT

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