Arrest and dismissal of TVB employees

(February 2, 2024 - Hong Kong) Television Broadcasts Limited ("TVB" or "the Company") confirms that two executives of TVB were arrested by the police today. On the same day, the Company dismissed three executives, including the two arrested individuals.

Earlier, the police received a report that certain employees of the Company had dishonestly gained access to computers to obtain restricted documents. After a thorough investigation, the police arrested the two executives of TVB today under the charge of "access to computer with criminal or dishonest intent."

The Company also possesses compelling evidence showing these individuals conspired, aided or abetted external individuals in attempting to sabotage the Company's governance and disseminating false information about the Company for personal gain. Furthermore, a third executive of TVB was found to be involved in related illegal activities, in addition to the two arrested individuals. Given the serious breach of employment terms by these three individuals, the Company has immediately terminated their employment.

TVB will fully assist in further investigation.

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19 July 2024
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