Statement : False News Reports

We, at Television Broadcasts Limited, have observed a news report circulating about our organization that contains significant misinformation. The report inaccurately insinuates changes in the roles of Mr. Thomas Hui, our Executive Chairman, and Mr. Eric Tsang Chi Wai, our General Manager (Content Operations). We want to make it absolutely clear that the alleged "personnel changes" and "studio’s usage reallocation" cited in the report are entirely fictitious and lack any factual basis.

The fact is that Mr. Thomas Hui and Mr. Eric Tsang Chi Wai remain at the helm of our group, leading our team with their expertise and vision.

As a company publicly listed in Hong Kong and operating under strict licensing regulations, we adopt a firm stance against misinformation that could potentially influence public opinion. We reserve the right to pursue legal measures against the sources of this false report and any subsequent republishing to prevent the perpetuation of these unfounded speculations.

We strongly urge all media to ensure the accuracy and truthfulness of their reporting on relevant information, avoiding misleading the public.

We are grateful for the understanding and support of the public during this time, and we hope that this statement will dispel all groundless speculation surrounding our company.

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21 February 2024
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