TVB and Tencent Video Announce New Cooperation Framework Launching A New Era of Cross-Platform Content Synergy Unfolding A New Landscape for HK Dramas in the Mainland Market

(25 June 2024, Hong Kong) Television Broadcasts Limited (“TVB” or “the Company”, stock code: 00511.HK) is pleased to announce that it has reached a new framework for cooperation with Tencent Video in Shanghai today. This marks a further comprehensive collaboration between the two parties, building upon the strategic cooperation agreement established last year. By integrating resources and complementing each other’s strengths, the two parties aim to further enhance their cooperation model, with the goal of creating a more diversified content synergy and achieving greater market influence.

TVB and Tencent Video are expanding partnership in co-produced dramas. Building on the existing four dramas, will double the volume and co-produce four additional new dramas. The first four, including “No Room For Crime” (反黑英雄), “Big Biz Duel” (企業強人), “No Return” (巾幗梟雄之懸崖) and “One-twelfth” (刑偵12), are expected to be simultaneously aired in mainland China and Hong Kong by 2024. The four additions, including “Wars of Roses” (玫瑰戰爭) and “The Fading Gold” (金式森林), will also begin shooting this year and are expected to be released in 2025.

With “No Room For Crime” (反黑英雄) premiering yesterday (24 June) simultaneously on Tencent Video and TVB Jade, Tencent Video has also officially launched the “Hong Kong Drama Project”, with over 2,000 episodes of classic TVB dramas. More Hong Kong dramas will be gradually added to the Tencent Video “Hong Kong Drama Project” platform, further promoting the development of Hong Kong TV dramas.

Additionally, in terms of drama series acquisition, TVB will purchase programs produced by Tencent Video for broadcast in Hong Kong. “Blossoms Shanghai” (繁花) premiered on 3 June on TVB Jade, which was the first television platform outside of mainland China to air the program globally. The show has since received great acclaim. The two parties will also collaborate on Jin Yong’s martial arts novels. TVB has acquired the rights to broadcast “The Legend of Heroes” (金庸武俠世界) from Tencent Video, and is expected to air in the third quarter of this year. TVB has produced the most TV drama adaptations of Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, creating many popular works over the years. A new “The Legend of Heroes” (金庸武俠世界) series will soon be shown on TVB.

In terms of OTT streaming platform cooperation, the two parties are exploring bringing Tencent Video content to myTV SUPER in Hong Kong. When the time comes, myTV SUPER viewers will be able to fully enjoy the excellent content from Tencent Video.

Mr. Thomas Hui, Executive Chairman of TVB, said, “We are delighted to deepen our cooperation with Tencent Video. Leveraging the advantages of both parties in content creation, promotion, and copyright operations, we will further expand the distribution channels of Hong Kong dramas in the mainland, allowing more mainland audiences to enjoy the distinctive Hong Kong TV productions. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with Tencent Video to inject new vitality into the development of Hong Kong dramas in the mainland market. At the same time, we will also bring the outstanding TV productions from the mainland to Hong Kong audiences, promoting cultural exchange and integration between the two places.”

Suman Wang, Vice President of Tencent Online Video Business Unit, said, “We are excited to enhance collaboration with TVB in the realm of TV series. TVB's extensive collection of drama series will enhance Tencent Video's content library, catering to the Cantonese-speaking audience’s preferences. Leveraging TVB's media network, Tencent Video aims to amplify the reach of its popular mainland dramas. This partnership will capitalize on our respective brand influence, distribution channels, production capabilities, and operational expertise. Together, we aim to invigorate cultural exchanges and foster stronger cooperation in the film and television industry between Guangdong and Hong Kong.”



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