(23 August 2023, Hong Kong) Television Broadcasts Limited (“TVB” or “the Company”, stock code: 00511.HK) is pleased to announce that 77 Atelier Limited (“77 Atelier”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TVB, has signed a framework agreement with Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (“Tencent Penguin Pictures”), a subsidiary of Tencent Video. Both parties will leverage their respective advantages to commence in-depth cooperation in drama co-production and library dramas. The partnership also aims to further develop new channels for Hong Kong TV dramas.

Pursuant to the agreement, 77 Atelier will partner with Tencent Penguin Pictures to co-produce four dramas, including the fourth instalment of the classic IP series “No Return” (巾幗梟雄之懸崖), the Greater Bay Area entrepreneurs-focused “Big Biz Duel” (企業強人), the epic crime drama “No Room For Crime” (反黑英雄), and the suspenseful detective drama “One-twelfth” (刑偵12).

In addition, TVB will provide 2,000 episodes of library dramas to Tencent Penguin Pictures, including multiple classic martial arts dramas which will be broadcasted on Tencent Video. This will serve as a gateway for more mainland audiences to immerse themselves with greater appreciation and understanding of the rich culture and irresistible allure of Hong Kong-produced TV dramas, while also propelling the reach of these phenomenal productions to new heights.

With the remarkable surge in popularity of Hong Kong-produced TV dramas in the Chinese Mainland, there is a growing demand for positive prospects. As the vanguard of Hong Kong TV dramas, TVB is poised to leverage its resources and foundational advantages by joining forces with Tencent Video, China's leading online video platform. This collaboration aims to bring TVB's signature series to the PRC’s vast audience through Tencent Video, ensuring a win-win outcome. Looking ahead, TVB remains committed to exploring new channels while spreading high-quality and classic Hong Kong-produced TV drama series to the broader Greater China market.



About Television Broadcasts Limited

Television Broadcasts Limited is one of the world’s largest commercial Chinese programme producers. Headquartered in Hong Kong, TVB is one of the few broadcasters in the world that operates a vertically integrated business model encompassing content creation, broadcasting and distribution. Since 2016, TVB has begun its optimization journey from a traditional media to a major digital player. It aspires to become a world-class media organisation with extensive digital and direct-to-customer capabilities, amplifying its long tradition to entertain, inform and enrich audiences.

About Tencent Video

Tencent Video is the leading online video streaming platform in China. With an extensive content library of drama series, films, variety shows, anime, sports, documentaries, news and many more, Tencent Video provides the best entertainment experience to audience across different platforms and devices.



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